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  • Is housing available?
    Yes. Housing is available through some of our local apartment complexes that we have gone in and made agreements with to keep our student-athletes together. We also have a private housing option that is on a first come first serve basis that only houses four- six athletes. For more information see the housing link under programs.
  • When does practice start?
    Practice will start at the appropriate time based on the sport, its head coach, and league rules. See your Head Coach for the sport your are interested in for more details.
  • Are my credits transferable?
    Yes. Most of your credits are transferrable. We are using a SACS and regionally accredited colleges to provide you a quality education. To find out specifically which credits will transfer, you will need the attending school's list of transferrable credits and your transcript. Make contact with the school's registrar to see which credits will transfer to your preferred university or college.
  • What teams will we be playing?
    PFLA is officially labeled a prep school. You will be playing other college prep squads, JV squads, or club sports teams. This is done through an official collegiate sports club league and through agreements with university and colleges that agree to play us.
  • Will I lose eligibility?
    NO. As long you do not take or go over 12 semester hours at a given time, you will not lose eligibility. We recommend you take no more than 9-11 credit hours in a given semester.
  • Can I get recruited by playing on a club team?
    Yes. We provide you with an accredited college to take transferrable credits through as well as film for you to make highlight tapes for submission. We have a network of people who will work to put you in contact with programs that are looking for players with your skill set. The unfortunate truth is that a lot of people will not have that chance given the fact that your are competing Nationally for spots with other graduating seniors. Please be prepared for this reality. While we will work to help you reach your goals, this is NOT A GUARANTEE that a school will recruit you.
  • What does the cost cover?
    The cost covers an array of expenditures associated with athletics including travel, equipment (including software), administrative costs, meals, facility rentals, and league fees.
  • What GPA do I need to have to remain eligible for sports?
    To be eligible to play sports with PFLA you are required to maintain a GPA of 2.3 or higher. Once your GPA falls below 2.3 you will be placed on academic probation until it rises above a 2.3. This will not negate your financial obligations to PFLA nor will an adjustments be made towards your bill if you were once eligible and became ineligible.
  • How much does the program cost?
    Students must pay an annual fee of $3400. This allows the student to participate in up to two sports per year. Students who wish to play sports but do not meet academic eligibility, play a manager role, or are just enrolled for academic support must pay a fee of $550. All fees with the exception of the $875 commitment fee will come from the student's financial aid and will appear as the an NPP fee on their bill.
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